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      Dr. Fernandez has all the qualities that one looks for in a Physician. For the past 16 years that I have been seeing him, I have always been cared for above and beyond. He is always thorough in his explanations and takes the time to listen and answer any questions that I may have. I thank him and his entire staff for the outstanding support given to me and we are so lucky he is right here in our

      - Dana J.

      I have been a patient of Dr. Fernandez's for 7 years now. At age 15, he did my first laparoscopic surgery and found endometriosis. Since then, he has done two more surgeries on me. He takes time to pray with me before surgery, which I love even more about him. He's always been so patient and willing to answer any questions I have. At such a young age, it's been hard for me to deal with the endometriosis, but Dr. Fernandez has stayed on top of my situation, helped with pain management, keeps a close check on me every 3 months. I always know I am in good hands with him. He's an amazing doctor.

      - Mikaella B.

      I am a travel nurse, one who was ready to leave for SW Florida in early January. However, I began having symptoms of gall bladder problems. My primary physician, Dr. Crowe, referred me to Dr. Stuart Babcock of Lake Russell Specialty Healthcare Services. Dr. Babcock appreciated my problem that I was supposed to leave for my work in Florida but what he made clear was that I had a problem that needed immediate attention. Dr. Babcock and the staff made arrangements immediately. The surgery was done within just a couple of days and I was on my way to recovery. How glad I was that Dr. Babcock practiced at Elbert Memorial and his office is just across the street. Dr. Babcock is someone you would want on your medical team. I have found Dr. Babcock to have a marvelous bedside manner, more than qualified to care for many issues, and available when needed. Dr. Babcock made me feel confident and comfortable. That is a good feeling: a surgeon who is compete and caring, your hometown hospital, and the nurses and support staff are people you know. Dr. Babcock, thanks a million!

      - Harriett T.

      Being told you have breast cancer is one of the most overwhelming experiences a woman can have, but then to have to make decisions about who your healthcare team will be can also be just as overwhelming. Fortunately for me, I chose a healthcare team right here in Elberton with our own local surgeon, Dr. Stuart Babcock with Lake Russell Specialty Healthcare, family physician, Dr. Dan McAvoy with the Medical Center of Elberton, and the staff at Elbert Memorial Hospital.

      I have always had my annual mammograms done at Elbert Memorial Hospital, and on several occasions have had “call backs” for ultrasounds which would result in showing I had fibroid cysts. So, I was not particularly concerned when Dr. McAvoy’s office called saying I needed to have a follow up ultrasound. What I wasn’t prepared for was that the ultrasound showed some “suspicious” areas that needed to be biopsied. The staff at Elbert Memorial was very caring and immediately had me scheduled for the needle biopsy which was performed by a radiologist at AnMed Health in Anderson.

      Once my biopsy report came back, I found out that I had what appeared to be a cluster of “precancerous” cysts that needed to “come out”. After consulting with Dr. McAvoy, he recommended, Dr. Stuart Babcock, to perform the lumpectomy. As soon as I met Dr. Babcock and his nurse Kim, I knew immediately that I trusted him with my initial surgery, which I had on January 31, 2016. Dr. Babcock was very thorough and explained the procedure before and after surgery to my husband and me in a way that we were comfortable with and could understand. It was also a relief to find out that I would not have to go “out of town” to have my surgery -- it could be done right here at Elbert Memorial Hospital. My mother was experiencing some health issues of her own during this same time, so it was important to me to be close to her.

      A week after my surgery, Dr. Babcock’s office contacted me to come in to discuss the results of my lumpectomy. This being a week earlier than I expected I felt something must be wrong, but I remained as positive as possible. As Dr. Babcock began to review the results of my pathology report and told us that I had breast cancer, he immediately assured us that he had discussed my case with a surgical oncologist for another opinion. This was a reassurance to me along with the fact that Dr. Babcock had performed numerous breast surgeries and had many years of surgical experience.

      Dr. Babcock spent so much time with me and my husband that day in his office, explaining the options and the outcomes, answering our questions, watching us cry and reassuring us that I would be fine. Immediately, in his office after experiencing a ton of emotions, I suddenly felt a calm peace come over me, and I knew I would be OK and would be in good hands. My husband and I made the decision together that very day to have Dr. Babcock perform my bilateral mastectomy, which I had on February 28, 2016. Now that the surgery is behind me, I will continue to be followed by Dr. Babcock, as I continue my cancer treatments with Oncologist, Dr. Jeffery Thomas, of the University Cancer and Blood Center in Athens.

      I have had nothing but excellent care from Dr. Babcock, Dr. McAvoy and the staff at Elbert Memorial Hospital. Dr. Babcock and Elbert Memorial Hospital have carried me through every step of this unimaginable breast cancer experience with absolutely no regrets at all from me or my family. I think many people were surprised when I would tell them that I was having my surgery done “at home” in Elberton. We are such a fortunate community to have this quality of health care right here at home with our physicians and our hospital!

      - Nancy B.

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